Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We wish to make it as simple as possible for you to return and exchange products from our webshop.

Your terms - quite simply

- We offer 30 days for return and exchange of products, starting when you receive your order physically.
- After the 30 days has expired, we will not refund or exchange products.

- We offer free exchange of products, or if you wish to change size. (read “exchange of products”) (ankerlink).
- If you want to have your money refunded, we will charge a shipping fee of €10 from your refund. (Read “Responsible returning – our policy”)(ankerlink).

Please read our guidelines below if you need any guidance for how to return or exchange a package, or to read about our opinion and policy for returning packages.

GUIDE: How to return & send packages to us

If you want to return or exchange a product, the product must be in the same condition as when you received it. This includes the product must be clean, unused, unwashed, and with the original labels and tags attached.
Stickers and shipment-labels must never be put directly on the product if you wish to return a product.

Guideline for returning or exchanging a product

1. Pack the product responsibly – we encourage you to re-use the packaging you received the product in.
2. Fill out the returns formular and enclose it in the package you wish to return
3. Attach the return-label we sent you along with your products. The return-label must be placed visibly on the exterior side or top of the package.
4. Hand-in the package at your nearest GLS Package shop.
5. You can always ask for a receipt for your returned shipment if you want documentation for having shipped the product.With GLS, you will also be handed a Track & Trace-code for your package, when the package has been scanned into their shipping system.

Exchange of products

We offer free exchange of products to other products, or if you wish to change to a different size.
- To exchange a product, you must place a new order on our webshop. We will ship your new order as fast as possible. When we receive the product you wish to exchange, we will refund the money for your exchanged product(s).


We always attempt to complete the refund as fast as possible, but the process of receiving returned products, and completing the refund is always time consuming, so we encourage you to stay patient. Your money will be refunded as quickly as possible.

If you have bought for less than 699 SEK, €65, or £59, and therefore paid for the shipment, we will always refund the cost of shipment on your new order. In that case, you will only pay for shipment once. If you buy for more than 699 SEK, €65, or £59, your shipment will always be free of charge.
When we have received and expedited your returned products, you will receive an e-mail from us regarding your exchange of product, or refunding activities.

If you wish to return a product without exchange and receive refund, we kindly ask you to read our policy Responsible returning below.

Responsible returning – our policy

Along with our philosophy about acting responsible towards the environment, we attempt to send as few packages back and forth as possible. Therefore, our returns policy is quite simple and clear:

We will obviously always take back products that you wish to return without exchange. However, we really want to encourage you to shop with responsibility. That means, as a consumer, you should never speculate in adding extra products to your basket to achieve free shipping, or place multiple products being aware that your intent is only to buy one unit anyways.

Thinking about the environment, we find this shopping behavior unethical. We hope to encourage you to be responsible as a customer. Many large online retailers in the fashion industry offer free returns and exchange, but we do not wish to support or be a part of that culture.

Returning fee

If you wish to return a product without exchange, we will not pay for the returned shipment. When returning a product, we will charge a shipment fee of €10 from your refund. The refund transaction will occur when we have received and expedited your package. We will always attempt to refund your money as quickly as possible, but this process takes time, so be patient.

Returning address

We always encourage you to use the enclosed return label in your package.
However, if you want to return your product through another shipping service, we ask you to send your package to:

Boegekildevej 34,
8361 Hasselager,

Do you have questions?

You are more than welcome to contact us at:
Phone: +45 87 42 10 00 

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