Our products are made solely from materials chosen with care for nature, as we believe in designing and manufacturing products in balance with the environment. Locating our production in Portugal is not just about finding the best possible manufacturer to ensure premium quality. It is more so a conscious choice and belief in developing cleaner, greener clothing, whilst reducing our CO2 footprint. All our materials are chosen to care for our nature, as they are organic and/or recycled materials. We are not interested in stating ourselves as being 100% sustainable as we cannot scientifically prove documentation for that, but our vision is to give you as a consumer better chances to buy timeless, stylish quality clothing manufactured with care for our nature.
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Relentlessly dedicated, Tweedlove is a brand of premium quality, known for its roots in our beloved nature. All products in our collection are made of 100% organic cotton.
We chose organic cotton and recycled materials to protect the environment, giving our customers the best chance of cherishing and protecting nature. Whilst realizing their demands for premium quality clothing.
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We endeavor to use sustainable or recycled materials as much as possible, whilst offering the best possible quality and lifespan for our clothing.
All our clothing’s are produced in 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. All accessories and merchandise to our products, such as tags, neck labels, hangers, etc., are produced from FSC-certified wood and paper. Read more below.
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We exclusively use 100% organic cotton of GOTS-certified quality.
GOTS is short for Global Organic Textile Standard. This certification is a standard that demands the highest possible requirements for ecological, social, and sustainable manufacturing.
The GOTS-certification ensures that all processing stages of the cotton textile, from being a cotton crop in the field, to a finished textile ready for production, is held responsible to meet these standards.

The clothing industry has used conventional cotton for many years. Due to the global environmental situation, we need to start showing responsibility for the clothing we offer to consumers. Therefore, all Tweedlove products are manufactured in 100% Organic GOTS-certified cotton.

Conventional cotton is the most used textile in the clothing industry. Unfortunately, the use of conventional cotton has a critical impact on the global environment, as the production of non-organic cotton requires huge demands for water, energy, and chemicals, tearing on the resources of the nature and planet.
With Tweedlove, we want to raise the standard for everyday clothing, offering relentless quality made from sustainable sources and materials. If you want to read more about the GOTS-certification standards behind organic cotton, please visit the GOTS webpage


The FSC-certificate ensures that all the wood and paper used to manufacture our products are sustainably sourced, with care for the nature. The FSC-certificate ensures sustainable foresting, while also taking care of the preservation of animals and wildlife in forests. The certification also includes taking care of the humans working in the forests, ensuring they are provided with any necessary education for their jobs, whilst providing them with any required safety equipment, and offering them proper salaries.
You can read more about the standards of the FSC-certificate here.